Break Time

I don’t know about you, but this morning in Central Kentucky we all woke up to the most magnificent 60 degree weather imaginable. This is a remarkable thing, because for the most part Kentuckians are left smoldering till Halloween…. Its lovely days like this that remind me about the importance of taking a break. Even on my days off from my job, I’m still constantly working on sewing projects or fiddling with something in our old house or garden. These are things I love doing, but sometimes I need a “Me” break to take a step back and gather my thoughts. I find I always come back to my projects with renewed energy and more ideas…



Calm Down

Sometimes you just need a reminder that what you’re doing is actually working TOWARDS something very special and important, and not just wasting time. Whether this something special be a career goal, fixing up an old house, or making a hundred of those really fancy French macaroons with the tasty fillings from scratch, it truly doesn’t matter. I found this quote one day (if anyone knows the original source I’d be so happy) and it was such a smack-in-the-head-wake-up-call I had to keep it so that I could be reminded every so often not to feel discouraged because I am in fact on the right track…