Colette Patterns Zinnia Skirt Sew Along

Ever year about this time I get just a tad bit worried that I’m not going to physically survive the winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall and the Holidays and that first month and a half of winter when you look forward to putting on your coziest socks and flannel pj’s and hunkering down in the evenings, but after a while, I start to get a little worried that winter might never end (and I’ve seen enough Game of Thrones to know that this fear is legit). That’s why I always like to have a couple months worth of projects lined up for the cold months to keep me busy, and I think I’ve struck gold with the amazing Zinnia Skirt by Colette Patterns! I’m making this my first sewing project, because I fully intend to wear it constantly. The ladies at Colette Patterns were lovely enough to included two versions of the skirt, and I’ll be making both, as well as having a little sew along on here at Hem Makers. So if you’re interested in following along, you can either order or print the pattern at home, gather your materials and supplies needed, and follow along next month!

Zinnia Skirt #1

Zinnia Skirt version 1 (the buttons! I can’t take it….too stinking cute.)

Zinnia Skirt #2

Zinnia Skirt version 2 (the pleats might be a bit of a challenge, but how flattering is this shape, I ask you??)


And be sure to check out the Colette Patterns blog for so many more amazing patterns!


Quilt Hoop Spider Web DIY

It’s widely known that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I imagine it’s probably a fave for any crafter, as it has so many handmade opportunities: decorations, costumes, themed food…Struggling to come up with the prefect Halloween decor theme for our front porch, AKA prime candy dispensing hotspot, I decided to take my cues from nature. More specifically, I took my cues from all of the creepy nature that is determined to cling to our house exterior no matter how many times we try to relocate it: gigantic spiders and their enormous webs.
We have them in such abundance this time of year, I thought why not stop fighting it and just work with it. This, of course, led to my first ever Halloween DIY…

Quilt Hoop Spider Webs

What you will need for one web:

One quilt hoop. Mine were about 6″ in diameter.
White or cream colored yarn
Tape or hot glue

Spider Web DIY Step 1

Begin by cutting 6 or more strips of yarn long enough to stretch across the inside hoop piece. Stretch and tape, or glue, them one at a time so they have a common center, but aren’t too perfectly spaced. You’ll want them to be a little uneven for a more natural web affect. Lastly, try looping the final string under and over where the previous strings meet and kind of guide where you’d like the center to be before you tape down that last end.

Spider Web DIY Step 2

Now unravel about 2 feet of yarn, and tape ONE end so that it matches the rest of the web. Hold the end of that yarn out, and clamp your outside quilt hoop piece down tightly to help hold the taped pieces in place.

Spider Web Step 3

Start your weaving by making your initial wrap over and under the center point with this long strand (this just keeps it taut). Now all you do is wrap each strand once before continuing on to the next. This is what creates the spiral pattern, so be sure you are moving out from the center as you move around.

Spider Web DIY Step 4

Once you’ve gotten to the outside edge with your spiraling, just release the outside hoop and tuck the end in with the others, tape, clip off the excess, and replace the outside hoop. I’m probably going to use this same idea for some much larger webs on my porch, but for now I’m loving these as easy spooky Halloween décor on the inside!

Spider Web DIY Finished

Holiday ’12 Instagram


Its January 2nd and the Holidays are officially over. This makes me super sad, but I still find ways to milk it for another month or so either by keeping my christmas tree up till its nothing but dry twigs and lights or keeping my holiday Spotify playlist on constant rotation. I also love going through all the photos I’ve taken and reminisce about my favorite moments…only to discover my favorite moments were mostly pie related.

Pinwheel Present Toppers

This weekend I am going to commit to wrapping all my gifts, trimming my tree, finish christmas shopping, and then, once that’s all done, probably drink this.

Before all of that happens, however, I’m going to nail down my wrapping strategy, which leads me into this week’s Craft Session: Pinwheel Present Toppers. Pinwheels

We’ve all made ’em at some point I’m sure, but I think the addition of ribbons, bows, and contrasting colors makes paper pinwheels perfect toppings for gifts. I used this paper from Oh Happy Day. This helped me decide on what colors I wanted to use for all of my holiday projects, navy, light blue, orange, cream, oatmeal, and teal.

Paper Pinwheel Tutorial:

Step One

You will be able to get two pinwheels (at 4″ in diameter) from one 8.5″ /11″ sheet of paper. Begin by making small folds, about a 1/4″,  across the length of the paper.

Step Two

Use a ruler to measure the center point, which should be 4-1/4″. Cut in half.

Step Three

Now cut into fourths, roughly 2-1/8″ at center.

Step Four

Press each into an accordian and trim one side into a point.

Step Five

Now connect two together with a dab of glue on the flaps, and one in the center to hold its shape.

step Six

Now just add some ribbon to the back or bows to the front and they become something super festive!

For The Makers

So last year for Christmas my boyfriend got me the best gift, a For The Makers subscriptions for 6 months worth of projects. Full disclosure, he did this because I told him to….BUT he also did it because he knew it was a gift that was going to last a long time, keep me preoccupied through the slushy winter, and satisfy my need for both pretty packages in the mail and constant crafting.

It’s getting down to the wire for shipping, so this is honestly the best last-minute gift you can give your special crafter. Here’s how it works: each month that you purchase you get a box filled with supplies for 4-6 projects delivered to your door. The projects range from jewelry to tea towels and the boxes always have a theme.

Check out December’s box:

Couture Sewing Set from Anthropologie

I was scrolling through the Gifts for Kids section on Anthropologie’s website (which should be called Pretty Toys for Grownups since everything in there is on my Xmas list) and I stumbled upon the very best gift for a budding seamstress or tailor: an adorably packaged Couture Sewing Set by French toy maker Moulin Roty.

~Add some pretty vintage fabric squares and this would be the most amazing present for some little one itching to sew.~

The color palette is perfection and the notions (scissors, buttons, thimble, tailor’s tape, etc.) are all top notch….I sure hope some little one opens this darling package up this Holiday Season and gets crafting.

Fringe Trees

As promised, here’s the first Holiday Craft to kick off the season! I know I should have waited till December 1st at least, but I’ve already watched Elf and broken out A Very She & Him Christmas Album, so the season has begun. This project is super-duper easy and involves no sewing: Fringe Trees.

Begin by making the tree cone using your scrap cardboard (cereal boxes work best) and tape it in place with your fancy washi tape. Set that aside and start cutting long strips of fabric for your fringe. I went through my scrap pile and found this great red and green plaid. Cut the strips about 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide. The length will depend on the tree height, but at least a couple of feet should do it. Next cut into the strips making a fringed edge. I made my cuts about every 1/4″ and a little more than half of the way through.

Now its time to break out the trusty hot glue gun. Start anywhere on the base with the fringe side pointing down and start wrapping your tree, glueing in place every couple of inches. Stretch a little as you wrap and the fringe will look shaggier. Wrap in a spiral all the way to the tip and make sure to overlap each layer so the cardboard doesn’t show.

This is so quick and easy I went crazy and made a bunch! My goal is to fill my mantle with different colored and sized trees and perhaps a few Anthropologie owl ornaments for good measure.

Crafty Halloween Porch

I’ll never be over Halloween. I love the movies, candy, costumes, and general creativity that Halloween inspires in people. I had a 7 year old trick-or-treat at my house wearing a homemade vending machine costume with actual candy hanging inside. It’s a week later and I’m still thinking about it. I think what I love most is that Halloween is a holiday that turns everyone into crafters! There were also some truly spectacular Halloween houses on my block, and most way way out of my league (as this is my first home-owning Halloween). I was pretty worried that I couldn’t stand up to the competition.  However, Halloween night, a slightly older boy with a bloody saw blade sticking rather realistically out of his neck said “your house is my favorite.” My heart skipped beats and I gave him extra candy.