Pinwheel Present Toppers

This weekend I am going to commit to wrapping all my gifts, trimming my tree, finish christmas shopping, and then, once that’s all done, probably drink this.

Before all of that happens, however, I’m going to nail down my wrapping strategy, which leads me into this week’s Craft Session: Pinwheel Present Toppers. Pinwheels

We’ve all made ’em at some point I’m sure, but I think the addition of ribbons, bows, and contrasting colors makes paper pinwheels perfect toppings for gifts. I used this paper from Oh Happy Day. This helped me decide on what colors I wanted to use for all of my holiday projects, navy, light blue, orange, cream, oatmeal, and teal.

Paper Pinwheel Tutorial:

Step One

You will be able to get two pinwheels (at 4″ in diameter) from one 8.5″ /11″ sheet of paper. Begin by making small folds, about a 1/4″,  across the length of the paper.

Step Two

Use a ruler to measure the center point, which should be 4-1/4″. Cut in half.

Step Three

Now cut into fourths, roughly 2-1/8″ at center.

Step Four

Press each into an accordian and trim one side into a point.

Step Five

Now connect two together with a dab of glue on the flaps, and one in the center to hold its shape.

step Six

Now just add some ribbon to the back or bows to the front and they become something super festive!