Fringe Trees

As promised, here’s the first Holiday Craft to kick off the season! I know I should have waited till December 1st at least, but I’ve already watched Elf and broken out A Very She & Him Christmas Album, so the season has begun. This project is super-duper easy and involves no sewing: Fringe Trees.

Begin by making the tree cone using your scrap cardboard (cereal boxes work best) and tape it in place with your fancy washi tape. Set that aside and start cutting long strips of fabric for your fringe. I went through my scrap pile and found this great red and green plaid. Cut the strips about 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide. The length will depend on the tree height, but at least a couple of feet should do it. Next cut into the strips making a fringed edge. I made my cuts about every 1/4″ and a little more than half of the way through.

Now its time to break out the trusty hot glue gun. Start anywhere on the base with the fringe side pointing down and start wrapping your tree, glueing in place every couple of inches. Stretch a little as you wrap and the fringe will look shaggier. Wrap in a spiral all the way to the tip and make sure to overlap each layer so the cardboard doesn’t show.

This is so quick and easy I went crazy and made a bunch! My goal is to fill my mantle with different colored and sized trees and perhaps a few Anthropologie owl ornaments for good measure.