Midway Fall Festival Cupcake Booth

Whew! The Midway Fall Festival has come and gone, and it just happened to be a major success. Not only did we sell out of the 500 cupcakes, that were intended to last the whole weekend, on the first day, the combination of Jamie’s phenomenal baking skills and my obsession with garland and chalkboard paint combined to make an unstoppable team!

Booth Photo 1

The weather had that perfect Fall crispy-ness that required sweaters and cups of hot tea.

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On the menu: Sweet Potato with Cream Cheese Icing, Apple Cake with Caramel Icing, Vanilla with Buttercream, and Chocolate Buttermilk with Whipped Icing and fresh berries.

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So, the theme was Autumn Heirloom County Fair. Does it show?

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We’re already looking forward to next year’s festival. Maybe we’ll shoot for 1200 cupcakes next time.


Fall Festival Preparations

September is always a pretty action packed month. Just about everyone I know has a birthday this month (including me, yikes!), all of my fave shows come back on tv, and I can start wearing leggings again. But my favorite thing about September has to be all of the Fall Festivals! This year I am so excited to be designing a booth for a local restaurant in my little town of Midway, KY for their Fall Festival. The booth is all about one thing and one thing only: Cupcakes. Can you think of a better festival dessert? The booth is still in the early design stages, but with an emphasis on handmade, heirloom, autumn charm, there are sure to be a few DIY projects on the blog in the next week or so, and maybe even a Fall inspired cupcake recipe…in the meantime here are just a few Cupcake Booth sneak peaks.

Cupcake Booth Banner

Above: Some Cupcake signage. Below: Cupcake toppers (DIY next week!)

Cupcake toppers

Gone Too Long…

Boy, it sure has been awhile since my last update! That’s not to say that I haven’t been crafting since then, I suppose life just got too busy for me to share. Let’s hope I can stay on task and keep a good blog schedule going with style posts, DIY tutorials, new crafting supplies and inspirations, and local design related happenings. In the meantime, here are just a couple of things I’ve kept myself busy with over the last few months…

Holiday ’12 Instagram


Its January 2nd and the Holidays are officially over. This makes me super sad, but I still find ways to milk it for another month or so either by keeping my christmas tree up till its nothing but dry twigs and lights or keeping my holiday Spotify playlist on constant rotation. I also love going through all the photos I’ve taken and reminisce about my favorite moments…only to discover my favorite moments were mostly pie related.

Crafty Halloween Porch

I’ll never be over Halloween. I love the movies, candy, costumes, and general creativity that Halloween inspires in people. I had a 7 year old trick-or-treat at my house wearing a homemade vending machine costume with actual candy hanging inside. It’s a week later and I’m still thinking about it. I think what I love most is that Halloween is a holiday that turns everyone into crafters! There were also some truly spectacular Halloween houses on my block, and most way way out of my league (as this is my first home-owning Halloween). I was pretty worried that I couldn’t stand up to the competition.  However, Halloween night, a slightly older boy with a bloody saw blade sticking rather realistically out of his neck said “your house is my favorite.” My heart skipped beats and I gave him extra candy.




Personalized Packaging

For me, packaging is everything. I always want each package to be unique and personalized so they might love their order even before they open it. Here’s a little peak at a recent Hem Makers dress package that I loved most.