Calm Down

Sometimes you just need a reminder that what you’re doing is actually working TOWARDS something very special and important, and not just wasting time. Whether this something special be a career goal, fixing up an old house, or making a hundred of those really fancy French macaroons with the tasty fillings from scratch, it truly doesn’t matter. I found this quote one day (if anyone knows the original source I’d be so happy) and it was such a smack-in-the-head-wake-up-call I had to keep it so that I could be reminded every so often not to feel discouraged because I am in fact on the right track…



Couture Sewing Set from Anthropologie

I was scrolling through the Gifts for Kids section on Anthropologie’s website (which should be called Pretty Toys for Grownups since everything in there is on my Xmas list) and I stumbled upon the very best gift for a budding seamstress or tailor: an adorably packaged Couture Sewing Set by French toy maker Moulin Roty.

~Add some pretty vintage fabric squares and this would be the most amazing present for some little one itching to sew.~

The color palette is perfection and the notions (scissors, buttons, thimble, tailor’s tape, etc.) are all top notch….I sure hope some little one opens this darling package up this Holiday Season and gets crafting.

We Love Citrus

I’ve always been a lover of teeny tiny craft stores that sell teeny tiny craft supplies. We Love Citrus is a freshly curated and consistently darling online craft shop who’s sparkly packaging accessories and confectionary embellishments win me over with every visit.

~I’m especially obsessed with those Gold Stork Scissors~

~I’m sure these will all go to good use in many future crafty endeavors~