Colette Patterns Zinnia Skirt Sew Along

Ever year about this time I get just a tad bit worried that I’m not going to physically survive the winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall and the Holidays and that first month and a half of winter when you look forward to putting on your coziest socks and flannel pj’s and hunkering down in the evenings, but after a while, I start to get a little worried that winter might never end (and I’ve seen enough Game of Thrones to know that this fear is legit). That’s why I always like to have a couple months worth of projects lined up for the cold months to keep me busy, and I think I’ve struck gold with the amazing Zinnia Skirt by Colette Patterns! I’m making this my first sewing project, because I fully intend to wear it constantly. The ladies at Colette Patterns were lovely enough to included two versions of the skirt, and I’ll be making both, as well as having a little sew along on here at Hem Makers. So if you’re interested in following along, you can either order or print the pattern at home, gather your materials and supplies needed, and follow along next month!

Zinnia Skirt #1

Zinnia Skirt version 1 (the buttons! I can’t take it….too stinking cute.)

Zinnia Skirt #2

Zinnia Skirt version 2 (the pleats might be a bit of a challenge, but how flattering is this shape, I ask you??)


And be sure to check out the Colette Patterns blog for so many more amazing patterns!


2 thoughts on “Colette Patterns Zinnia Skirt Sew Along

  1. Your skirts are so cute! I am making version 1 for a friend and I don’t understand the button placket instructions. Does it just get folded over 1/2″ each time? And no interfacing? I am thinking it ought to fold over an inch the second time to make it look better and also probably will add interfacing at least to the buttonhole side. What did you do? I have read and looked at the diagrams a whole bunch. Still confused!

    • Hi Cathy! So the skirts pictured are made by Colette Patterns, I only wish mine were as cute! Sorry for the delay on putting up the sew along, work and computer troubled have gotten in the way:( I have made version 2 so far, which is the pleated version and doesn’t include the button placket. I will, however, be working on this version 1 next! I’ll also go over the instructions again and see if I can find a good explanation for this one and get right back to you!

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