Fall Festival Preparations

September is always a pretty action packed month. Just about everyone I know has a birthday this month (including me, yikes!), all of my fave shows come back on tv, and I can start wearing leggings again. But my favorite thing about September has to be all of the Fall Festivals! This year I am so excited to be designing a booth for a local restaurant in my little town of Midway, KY for their Fall Festival. The booth is all about one thing and one thing only: Cupcakes. Can you think of a better festival dessert? The booth is still in the early design stages, but with an emphasis on handmade, heirloom, autumn charm, there are sure to be a few DIY projects on the blog in the next week or so, and maybe even a Fall inspired cupcake recipe…in the meantime here are just a few Cupcake Booth sneak peaks.

Cupcake Booth Banner

Above: Some Cupcake signage. Below: Cupcake toppers (DIY next week!)

Cupcake toppers


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